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If you are on Facebook and are an accredited Leader in the ALMSLA & AR Area we invite you to join us in our closed group:

If you have someone interested in becoming a Leader:
The Leader Applicant’s Resource Kit (LARK) is an application syllabus which was approved and published by the LAD Council. There are two versions: “LARK Combined” with everything in one file and “LARK Original” with several files divided by different subjects. Each version has the files for Applicants and Leaders separately.

The “LARK Original” has been revised (Feb 2017) and you will find them on the LLL Alliance site:


For Supporting Leaders:



For Leader Applicants and those interested in leadership:



Some people find it convenient to use the links in the Table of Contents of “LARK Combined” because they take the reader to the relevant document swiftly.  Other people appreciate concrete explanations in each chapter of “LARK Original.” 

We are eager to improve both versions of LARK.  If you have any suggestions, please contact your LAD support person.

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